Special transport :
pianos and chests

A.I.D also proposes to be your partners in your special transport:

« Transport pianos »
« Transport chests ».

We are based in Madagascar for almost a decade. Our offices are located in Antananarivo and Toamasina. We also work in major cities : Toliary, Diego Suarez, Nosy-Be and Mahajanga.
We have a network of correspondents in Europe and abroad. They ensure the management of containers, customs clearance, redelivery at home, the unloading and if necessary unpacking and reassembling.
We provide administrative services for the different authorizations. We can also provide an insurance service.


Our packaging is to European standards, imported from Europe. Your goods will be packed with adequate cartons.

  • Bottle cartons, with bubble wrap
  • Strengthened boxes for books
  • Kitchenware in reinforced cardboard and honeycomb bubbles for each type of glass
  • Packaging of delicate glasses with tissue paper
  • Special wardrobes for clothes
  • Furniture will be packed with corrugated cardboard or with a special cardboard to avoid scratching the wood,
  • Certain fragile furniture will be disassembled and numbered before packing
  • Vehicles will be protected by a wooden superstructure.

For imports

In Madagascar :

  • Ship to door or door to ship service
  • Unloading
  • Customs clearance
  • Paperwork
  • Transport from the port to your Home
  • The unloading of the container
  • Unpacking and reassembling furniture if asked..


Barre de titre

Control and Customs seals are usually done at home